Let Clear Space declutter your home so you don't have to!

If you have items or debris that you want removed from your home and need it taken away by a professional, licensed and insured junk removal company, let us Clear your Space for you.


Regardless if it's the garage you can no longer use, or the rooms in the home that have become storage space and not a functional living area, Clear Space Junk Removal offers full-service junk removal, which means we’ll do all the lifting,loading and disposing so you don't have too.


Just show us the space filled with items you want removed, and we will clear it in no time. After the space is cleared, our teams will sweep the area to make sure we don't leave any loose debris on the floor.

Clearing your Space becomes easy when you leave it to experienced Junk Removal Experts. 

Popular Spaces to Clear would be :

  • Bedrooms and Living Rooms 

  • Attics and Basements

  • Crawlspaces

  • Garage and Sheds

  • Storage Units

  • Kitchens